1. Go to bed earlier the night before. It seems obvious but it really is the best way to ensure you get enough rest to wake up earlier.
  2. Put the alarm more than arms reach from the bed. I used to place mine on the other side of the room. You will be more likely to stay up if you are already up when you’ve turned the alarm off. And you’ll do that quickly if someone else is sleeping in the room too.
  3. Prepare your yoga clothes. Lay them out the night before and put them in a warm room so getting changed is more comfortable. You can even sleep in them if you have to!
  4. Get organised. Get your bag and anything else you need ready the night before.
  5. Make your partner your coach. Tell them to support you by encouraging you to get up and go if you crawl back into bed. Remember, the healthier and happier you are, the better your relationship will be in the long run.
  6. Layer, layer, layer. The room is heated in winter but put a few warm long sleeve tops or thermals over your yoga clothes so you can peel them off as you start to warm up. And don’t forget some warm socks so you can enjoy a nice long relaxation at the end of your practice.
  7. Hydrate, and if you need to, eat something light. Drinking a glass of water on waking (with a dash of lemon juice if you like) and this will help wake you up and cleanse your system before practice. It’s preferable to practice on an empty stomach but a glass of milk, a banana or a piece of toast is ok if you really can’t do without, and ideally an hour before or as soon as you get up.
  8. Whats your motivation? Why do you want to do yoga? To get fit, strong, flexible? To manage stress and relax ? To connect with something greater than the day to day grind ? Whatever your reason, stay focussed on it and remind yourself of it when discipline starts to wane.
  9. Visualise success. Before you nod off to sleep, visualise yourself getting out of bed, coming to the studio and having a wonderful yoga practice. See yourself feeling fit and strong, calm and focussed and having a fantastic day where you remain centred amid the chaos.
  10. Remember – yoga is good for you. In over 15 years I have NEVER finished my yoga practice and thought ‘Gee, I really should have stayed in bed’. I always feel so much better, fitter, stronger, calmer and proud of myself for getting on the mat especially when I initially lacked the motivation.

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