Additional requirements to maintain a COVID-Safe Studio:

  • Please bring your own mat, towel and water bottle. Studio mats, water glasses, blankets and props are no longer available for use under the current regulations.
  • Mat markers have been placed on the studio floor for social distancing. Please adhere to the markers and maintain a distance of 1.5m at all times, particularly when entering and exiting the room as there is only one point of entry.
  • Please practice good hygiene at all times. Tissues will be provided, please dispose of them once used immediately.
  • Please wash your hands in the downstairs bathroom using soap for 20 seconds prior to entering the practice space. Hand santiser will be available in the studio for use also.  Please try to avoid unnecessary contact with others or surfaces at the studio.
  • There will be no hands-on adjustments at this time.
  • Please ensure you have completed a form to update your details, in the event of a need for contact tracing.
  • Unfortunately as we do have enough non-contact storage at the studio, you will have to take your mat with you.
  • There will be additional cleaning of floors, high touch surfaces and bathrooms to keep everyone safe.
  • If you are unwell with sore throat, cough, fever or cold & flu symptoms please stay home. Classes may be cancelled at short notice should the teacher be sick. We will email you any last minute changes.


  • Wear loose comfortable clothing or gym clothes and avoid strong perfumes or deoderants.
  • The studio is open 15 mins prior to and after each class, except for 6am Mysore classes where the studio is open earlier for experienced practitioners.
  • New students: please arrive 5 minutes before your first class so that you can complete a form.
  • Advise your teacher prior to class of any injuries, medical conditions or if you do not wish to be adjusted physically.
  • It is best to avoid eating large meals 1 hour prior to practice. Avoid drinking a large amount of water directly before the class, try to hydrate prior to that time.
  • Please leave valuables at home. Non-essential items can be left in the reception room which is locked prior to the start of each class, but we cannot take responsibility for them. Mobile phones are a distraction even when turned off, so unless you have a special reason (you are a doctor on call or a parent), please leave it in the reception room or at home. Lost property will be held for 12 months in the basket in the cubby holes area. Valuable items will be locked away, so contact us if you need to.
  • Please enter and leave the studio quietly so as to not disturb others.

In the practice room:

  • Please do not adjust the heaters, windows or blinds. The teacher will manage this on the entire rooms behalf. Sweating is part of yoga practice. If you have special requirements due to pregnancy, menopause or medical conditions then let the teacher know before-hand and you will be placed in the most appropriate spot in the room.

When not to practice:

  • Ladies, traditionally it is recommended that ladies take the first 3 days of menstruation and first trimester of pregnancy off from practice. If you elect not to, be mindful that your energy and body may feel different or have weaker core muscles so advise your teacher and practice carefully.
  • If you are unwell and are not sure if you should practice, contact us to discuss. Yoga is a form of therapy and is usually beneficial for most conditions. If you have a fever stay home.

Additional guidelines for Ashtanga Mysore Students

  • On arrival, if the chant is in progress, please wait until it is finished to enter.
  • Enter the room ready to practice. Minimise distraction for yourself and others by doing all fussing and fiddling with belongings, clothing etc in the reception room. This does not mean that we become overly serious, you can be quiet and focussed and still be friendly and respectful.
  • If a student needs space to put their mat down, please make room for them. Letting go of attachment to space or  entitlement to a particular spot in the room is a part of your yoga practice.
  • On the rare occasion that the room is totally full then experienced students may be asked to complete their finishing practice (from shoulder-stand onwards) in the reception room to make space for an arriving student. If you are arriving you may be asked to wait a short while for another student to be able to move to the back room. This is standard practice in Mysore rooms across the world.
  • The studio will not be open for Mysore classes, Sunday Led Class or Beginners Intensives on days of the Full and New Moon. Read more about Moon Days here.