Classes will not run on days of the new and full moon, the studio will be closed on these days.

Learn a traditional method of Yoga, Mysore style where students learn a yoga sequence, developing their own self-practice. Beginners learn the first poses of the Primary Series in the correct order, with the teachers assistance the intention of establishing a self-practice independent of the teacher over time. Minimum two mornings or evenings per week. Please note Courses are not included in the New Student Pass and must be booked to reserve your placeLearn more…

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This is the traditional method of Ashtanga yoga practice, still practiced in Mysore, India, today. Students practice a set sequence of poses given to them by the teacher with additional poses given where it is deemed individually appropriate by the teacher with the intention of developing a self-practice.When practiced consistently, regularly and with an open mind and humility, this method will deepen students understanding of yoga, building strength, flexibility, resilience and a calmer mind.IMG_4300

This class is suitable for those with yoga experience.  Students with yoga experience but new to this method can start any time and should allow 45 mins for your first practice. Beginners can learn this method at our Beginners Intensives. Doors open 5.30am prior to morning class time for experienced students only. Teaching commences at 5.45am. Bookings are required

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This class is for students who are familiar with the Ashtanga method or for those who have completed a Beginners Course or Intensive. This is a guided class to enable students to learn the correct vinyasa (breath-movement count) of the Primary Series sequence of poses in a flowing way. This class is taught in the traditional way, i.e. guided with the sanskrit count and students are expected to only practice up to the poses that they have been given by their teacher in the Mysore class or as advised by the teacher on the day. Half Primary is suitable for those with yoga experience. Full Primary Led Classes may only be attended by those with a regular Ashtanga Mysore practice. The class builds internal heat to purify the body, and creates physical and mental strength and resilience. This class is strong in intensity . Bookings are required. 


Take your understanding of yoga to the next level with our Deeper Understanding of Yoga Study Course. Learn yoga philosophy, anatomy and how to apply both to your own practice and life off the mat. Attend one Sunday afternoon a month for 8 months with regular in-class and online support and encouragement to keep you connected and engaged. Learn More.

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