Our Beginners Intensive Courses

Beginners Intensives are designed to teach you a yoga self-practice enabling you to benefit from individual assistance by the teacher. The course is a minimum of 2 classes per week however you may also attend on other mornings (up to 5 times per week) if you wish to help you to learn your sequence and better establish your yoga practice.

You will begin with a short sequence tailored for any specific needs you may have. You will receive plenty of support from the teacher and the sequence will be short enough that you can remember it. Additional poses are added once the student remembers the sequence and where it is deemed appropriate for the individual student by the teacher.

Provided you commit to practicing regularly and consistently, this method will build physical strength and flexibility, identify your individual assets and work with your challenges ultimately making the body more balanced and comfortable. With time, the practice becomes a ‘moving meditation’ cultivating a sense of peace and calm.

Once the course is completed students may continue to do their practice at our Ashtanga Mysore classes, arriving any time between 5.30am and 7am, finishing in your own time.


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