All classes are Sydney, Australia time (AEST/AEDT).

You can access online live classes up to 5 mins prior to the class commencement time. You will need the Join URL or the Meeting ID in order to access the class, this is provided to current students only, so email us if you are attending for the first time.

The URL can be selected or copied and pasted into your browser. If accessing via mobile device you will need to download the Zoom app the first time you join us and use the Meeting ID.

If this is your first time attending our classes by Zoom we request attendees join 5 mins early to have time to resolve any access/sound issues.

If you can’t access the meeting please text on 0415700952. 

Once joined you will be placed in a waiting room so we can screen access to the class for security purposes. Please ensure your user name is recognisable or advised to us before hand or you may not be admitted.

If you wish me to be able to see your practice during the class, you will need to position your computer side on, far enough away for full visibility of your mat and your practice from the right side, standing and seated. If this is not possible, then position your camera in front of your mat. This is essential for Ashtanga Mysore classes. For all other classes if you do not wish to be seen then simply switch off video.

Ensure that you have sufficient space to practise and check there are no trip/slip hazards including objects you may fall on or come in contact with or sharp objects or hot surfaces near by.

Please ensure you enable camera if required and microphone for the session but we will mute participants once the class starts to avoid background noise.  Please ensure your volume is up and, where using video, the room is reasonably well lit so we can see and hear you.

If you experience any issues with video or audio when logging on then log out and back in again ensuring you select the ‘computer audio’ option and ‘enable camera’ options.

For Ashtanga classes once you’ve been admitted into the session, you can select ‘Gallery View’ in the top right hand corner to see all participants, which feels more akin to a real class situation. For Vinyasa and other classes where a teacher is demonstrating you may want to select ‘Speaker View’ so that the teacher remains on full screen and is more easily visible.

Questions and technical issues will not be able to be resolved while the class is in progress. If something goes wrong and all else fails, wait and see if we get reconnected or self practice. We will catch up with you at the end of the class to resolve any concerns.