As we know, the moon rules the tides. As human beings are comprised of about 70% water, we are also affected by the phases of the moon.

During a full moon we tend to feel more energetic, emotional, and are more headstrong. A new moon will make us more reflective, inwardly drawn, calm, and grounded. Through a regular Yoga practice we become more sensitive to the cycles of the moon and as such it forms part of the teachings of Yoga.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a tool for transformation and it is encouraged to consider the moon cycle as a time to study ancient texts, such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or a time for chanting and meditation, but not for strenuous asana (posture) practice.

Ashtanga Mysore and Led classes will not run on days of the new and full moon, the studio will be closed on these mornings. Students who observe a daily (6 day per week) practice are encouraged to take a day of rest. Students who practice less than 6 days per week are encouraged to attend on an alternate day to maintain regularity of their practice. 

The moon days chosen below are those that fall closest to the actual Sydney Australian full or new moon.

2023 Moon Days

New,  Full
Feb 6: , 20:
Mar 7: , 22: 
Apr 6: , 20:
May 6: , 20:
Jun 4: , 18:
Jul 3: , 18:
Aug 2: , 16: ,  31:
Sep 15: ,  29:
Oct 15: ,  29:
Nov 13: ,  27:
Dec 13: ,  27: